Marvel Fans Speculate Who New Female in Black Panther Pantsuit Will Be

San Diego, CA – The internet is abuzz with speculation about who will be playing the new female Black Panther, after Marvel released a trailer for Wakanda Forever featuring a glimpse of a masked actress in a black pantsuit. The new heroine, replacing the late Chadwick Boseman as protector of the fictional land of Wakanda, is seen in the trailer awkwardly stumbling as bodyguards help her around the scene. Early predictions hinted it might be civil rights leader Rachel Dolezal, as recent online images suggest she’s more than capable of the physically demanding superhero role, but Dolezal has since denied her involvement. “At first, when I saw that blonde hair peeking from behind the mask, I freaked they got a white woman to be the new Black Panther.” shared Black Panther fan Wanda Hightower. “But then, when I heard her speak the lines, “I don’t feels no ways tired, I come too far!”, I knew this was obviously a black sister behind that mask.” Other fans on social media agreed: “So authentic and soulful…knew they picked a true ebony Qween!!!!” tweeted BlackToTheBone24. While guesses about the identify will continue for weeks, Marvel did take the unusual step of publicly squashing one internet theory postulating Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is the new Black Panther. Per a statement from Disney: “The appearance of the new Black Panther pantsuit costume reveal and Mr.Murray’s decision to start wearing green pantsuits to NFL games were purely coincidental.” While not confirming the identity of the new Panther, Disney also used the press release to remind fans that Chadwick Boseman’s death was from colon cancer and not in anyway ruled a suicide in a jail cell while no cameras were working.