Fans Scouring Phase 4 Marvel Movies For Russian References So Disney+ Will Remove Films

Seattle, WA – Fans have begun reviewing all Phase 4 Marvel movies for any references or depictions of Russian culture so they can demand the socially conscious company promptly ban them from their Disney+ service. The opportunity for Marvel fans to support the Ukraine came about as Disney and other corporations announced that everything related to Russia is bad and should never see the light of day, to prove how much we all care about Ukraine. The 2021 film Black Widow, with its multiple references to Russian characters and even the outrageous suggestion of Russian heroes was the first to meet the cancellation axe. Fans are now meticulously watching every scene from such classics as Eternals and Shang-Chi and even 2019 Captain Marvel to see if there is an opportunity to have those things “unfilmed”. Proactive genealogists have highlighted actress Natalie Portman’s Russian ancestry, thus arguing the only prudent way to show support for the Ukrainian people would be to cancel the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie. Beyond Marvel fandom, ‘Trekkies’ are also looking for any moments of ‘Russian offenses’ in producer Alex Kurtzman’s work to hopefully have his myriad of Star Trek creations launched into the cancellation sun. Netflix viewers are also taking another look at even Kevin Smith’s “He-Man” series. “I know it’s a super longshot to have it removed since it doesn’t even take place on Earth,” admitted viewer Dan Castle. “But you still got to hope you can have this garbage removed from history…for Ukraine.”