Replaces Neighborhood Crime Data With Area’s Favorite Movie Genres

San Francisco, CA – Real estate website has updated their mapping features to no longer inform buyers about neighborhood crime statistics, instead offering a new view showing the community’s favorite movie genres.  Race fixers complained that revealing criminal data of all neighborhoods depressed home values for black and latinx owners (not that they’re saying black and latinx communities have elevated crime rates).  To combat this, has chosen to instead focus on the positives that neighborhoods have to offer, like favorite movie genres.  For example, large areas of Evergreen Park in Chicago are marked with their love of Western movies.  “The people living here love the lawlessness of the ol’ Wild West cinema.  The exciting shootings and killings and shootings. They seemingly can’t get enough of…Westerns.” offered Dave Campella from  Another example is an area of east L.A. where both slasher films and heist movies are incredibly popular.  “The people in this neighborhood want a good slasher flick; lots of stabbings, lots of sharp knives.  So, so much stabbings. But they are also big fans of heist films.  ‘Ocean’s 11’, ‘Heat’, whatever.  Watching people steal things is how these neighbors spend a lot of their time.” When questioned about the pixie dust icons scattered around the mega-wealthy areas of California, Campella curtly responded: “Fantasy, next question.”