As Election Day Approaches, Evan McMullin Excited For Everyone To Disappoint Him Again

Highlands, UT – As the mid-term elections approach this November, ‘Independent’ candidate for Senate Evan McMullin is excited for everyone to disappoint him once again. The Utah politician has spent the last year traveling across his home state, expressing his deep love for its history and traditions. This is the same state he will later accuse of being a backwards hotbed of ignorance that threatens democracy after he easily loses to incumbent Mike Lee on election evening. McMullin’s optimistic speeches have spotlighted his belief in the goodness of the people of Utah, who he’s also expected to call bigoted, ugly voters who failed to live up to his expectations the day after the election defeat. His upstart campaign is built upon the hope that we elevate our political discourse and get beyond the divisive partisanship that has hurt the country. None of those ideas will however make an appearance when he declares all Republicans racist and Donald Trump a cancer on our nation that should be in prison during a MSNBC interview on November 9th. Ironically, Utah voters selecting McMullin report feeling a sense of pride in selecting a principled leader that can bring real change to the Senate, only by end of year realizing they were duped into throwing away their vote on an unqualified liberal grifter.