Stores Already Discounting Toys From Yet To Be Filmed Marvel Movies

St.Louis, MO – Retail stores across the nation have already begun deeply discounting anticipated toys connected to yet to be filmed ‘Phase 4’ Marvel movies. As Marvel prepares to unleash their latest wave of visual white noise on the populace; collectors have already begun not clearing space on their shelves for these bombastic productions that won’t be remembered by the next weekend. Fans seems especially unenthused by future duds like The Marvels and one more attempt to make The Fantastic Four not be terrible. With inflationary pressures and mysterious worker shortages, retail stores today stress the need to run as efficiently as possible. “After the holidays we’re a little slow, so I figured getting a jump start on lowering the prices of this upcoming Marvel schlock would be better than rushing to do it once the movies are actually released.” stated Arnie Branson, a Target manager near St.Louis. However Branson remains worried about rumors that Marvel may look to add toy lines for future Disney+ disasters like Ms.Marvel or even Ironheart. “I don’t know where we’ll be able to find the staff to handle all that extra discounting.”