Biden Administration Solves Inflationary Prices By Adding Ms.Marvel To Everything

Washington, D.C. – The Biden administration is being praised for their innovative solution to inflationary high prices plaguing essential goods for Americans everywhere.  The administration is now requiring Marvel’s wildly unpopular character Ms.Marvel to be added to all product packaging.  For years, industry insiders have known Ms.Marvel possessed the super power of instantly devaluing any property she touched, whether that’s comic books, collectibles, video games or movies.  But until recently, no economist had thought to apply her special skills to the nation’s economic woes.  Since implementing the mandate last week, experts have seen the prices of Ms. Marvel branded poultry, dairy and dried goods already down by 77%, with a plan in place to soon add the heroine’s visage to the used car market nationwide.  “Of course retailers have begged us to keep this in check as they’re worried her involvement will soon have their inventory selling for pennies on the dollar.” stated Treasury Department spokesman Reed Kennedy.  “We wish it were that simple, but when you unleash Ms.Marvel on your product, there’s no controlling how low it’s going to go.”