With Relaunch Of G4, Gamers Petition For Return Of Esquire Network

Trenton, NJ – With the recent relaunch of the gaming-centric channel G4, gamers worldwide are now petitioning for a return of The Esquire Network to once again replace it.  The original G4 channel featured attractive women discussing gaming topics with their predominantly male audience, but in 2012 was replaced with The Esquire Network, which focused on fashion, travel and exercise info for today’s active metrosexuals.  Gamers have begun an online petition (sign here) to bring back The Esquire Network to replace the latest iteration of G4, which now apparently centers around someone in Legend of Zelda Link cosplay screaming at the camera.  “I thought it might be nice to have G4 back in my life, but just one look at Adam Sessler mugging for the camera and I was really missing segments on which cologne best matches an ‘autumn brunette’ kind of man.” admitted gamer Jake Travis.