Next Jurassic Park Film Will Feature Dinosaur Escaping Handlers And Sharing Unvetted Opinions

Hollywood, CA – Universal Pictures has announced the next entry into the billion-dollar Jurassic Park franchise will feature a dinosaur escaping it’s handlers and widely sharing it’s unvetted opinions to members of the press. The story will follow a familiar narrative of the decades old franchise, where cautious public relations professionals believe they have careful control over the unpredictable and often dangerous dinosaur, only to see their hubris result in it breaking free and sharing its ideas about Taiwan and the pandemic with 60 Minutes. The film will focus on the aftermath of the mindless beast’s rampage through the nation’s capital and press row, while its exhausted handlers struggle to clean up the perpetual destruction caused by the latest escape. Insiders reveal the film’s climax will feature a large scale battle with a mechanized Easter bunny attempting to subdue the prehistoric monster.