Man Continues Family’s Proud Tradition Of Military Service By Adding Ukrainian Flag To Twitter Bio

Seattle, WA – The Cook family’s long line of heroic military service; beginning with Orville Cook in World War 1, was proudly extended as his great-great-grandson Jansen courageously added the Ukrainian flag to his Twitter bio. “It’s crazy to think that as my grandfather Thomas was being shelled in North Africa by German artillery, he was the same age as me when I served, just now in this Starbucks.” marveled Jansen Cook. In the spirit of Cook family sacrifice, Jansen went a step further by also tweeting out that: “we should totally go over and teach Putin not to mess with us. #werecomingPutin”. While Jansen’s additional act of bravery wasn’t required, he felt it was what a Cook should do. “It’s something in our blood I suppose. It feels good to know I’ve done my part, now it’s time for the dumb hicks with guns to go over to wherever Ukraine is and do the rest. I’m late for my spin class.”