Xbox Reassures Fans They’re Still Dedicated To Making Games, Despite New Kojima Partnership

Redmond, WA – Since announcing a new partnership with famed Japanese creator Hideki Kojima in June, Xbox has been forced to repeatedly reassure worried fans that the company is still dedicated to making video games. The Japanese auteur, known for his grand and quirky series like Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, famously allows viewers to watch long and overly dramatic cutscenes for hours on end. “Who can forget the first time they watched a Kojima-infused cutscene and thought: “See, this would be a great place to have some gameplay.” remarked Xbox head Phil Spencer. “We’re absolutely committed to still publishing games that allow players to interact with the actions on the screen, despite this partnership that will bring hours of high-quality cutscenes of grown men peeing themselves to Xbox users everywhere.” Spencer continued: “Xbox is still the home of games that have a beginning, a middle part and then an ending, no question about it. But we also enjoy presenting our users with a diversity of choices that allows them to watch the end credits roll and collectively ask: ‘What?'”