Revelation Bobby Kotick Tried To Cancel Kotaku Comes Too Late To Win Back Gamers

Santa Monica, CA – It’s a story of too little, too late? Upon news of the blockbuster sell of troubled game publisher Activision Blizzard to Microsoft, reports now suggest Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick previously attempted to purchase the website Kotaku and cancel it.  Unfortunately, news of this global gift to the gaming world comes too late amidst the ongoing problems plaguing Activision to win back many supporters.  While gamers were ecstatic with thoughts of the journalistic cancer upon the gaming industry known as Kotaku being effectively neutralized, most agreed that the accusations against Kotick were still probably too serious to completely ignore.  “This sounds like a desperate PR move to me,” stated local gamer Bob Flores. “You run your company into the ground and when the heat turns up you try to remind everyone you’re still a good person because you wanted to buy and close Kotaku.”  While acknowledging the nobility of the gesture, many in the industry agree it’s still time for the California publisher to turn to a new chapter:  “Hopefully Microsoft can really clean that place up and start with a fresh slate.” said Flores.  “With all of their funding and dedication to gaming; it would great to see them press forward and find their own way to shut down Kotaku.”