Democrats Demand Arizona and Wisconsin 2020 Votes Be Decertified

New York, NY – Democrats across the country have taken to the streets to demand 2020 presidential election results from Arizona and Wisconsin be immediately decertified. Organizers stress if those efforts are not enough to hand the White House back to former President Donald Trump, then authorities should consider the massive election fraud they committed in cities like Philadelphia and Atlanta. “We all know we cheated, many of us helped.” admitted protester David Gelson. “It’s time for righting a historical wrong and more importantly: it’s time we get Democrats as far away from these messes we created as possible.” With a war in Europe beginning, skyrocketing inflation, indefensible Covid restrictions and millions of illegals pouring into the country; Democrats felt it was time to thoroughly investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the vote tallies in heavily Democratic cities and states. “This has everything to do with our profound respect for election integrity,” assured Gelson. “And nothing to do with the fear our fellow citizens may soon begin public hangings for what we’ve done to the country.”