Grand Theft Auto VI Hack Reveals Major New Game Character: Hunter The Crackhead

As the fallout from the devastating hack of Rockstar Games’ upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI continues, the hacker responsible has leaked information about a new game character called Hunter the Crackhead. According to leaked game design documents, Hunter is described as the son of a major politician and will play a large role in the gameplay, sending the player on various missions to procure more crack or purchase unlicensed firearms. Later in the game, if you’ve successfully assisted Hunter in retrieving his missing laptop, he’ll end up becoming a key contact for expanding your burgeoning criminal enterprise into China and Ukraine. Hunter will also reportedly be part of a major change in GTA gameplay mechanics. Previous versions required the player to escape police pursuits by outrunning law enforcement for an extended period of time. In the latest version, Rockstar boldly plans to perpetually chase the wanted player until they travel within close proximity of Hunter’s location in the city, which at that time all law enforcement efforts will immediately cease their pursuit or investigations. Because of this, players must constantly be looking for Hunter throughout the virtual city’s multiple crack houses and underage asian brothels. The unprecedented security breach has been extremely damaging to the Rockstar development cycle. Insiders reveal that once the notorious hacker released Rockstar plans for DLC featuring Hunter’s sister (who apparently has her own interesting missions to play through), the FBI became immediately involved, dedicating well over 27,000 agents to track down the criminal.