Depend’s Marketing VP Relieved “Hail To The Chief” Is Free Public Domain Song

Neenah, WI – After spending their entire marketing budget on a single Super Bowl commercial, Depend’s Marketing Vice President Todd Brownstein was relieved to discover the song “Hail To The Chief” is in the public domain. The adult diaper maker’s 30-second advertisement during the most popular sporting event in America is considered to be a huge gamble by the marketing department, making any opportunities to save money a welcome development. “This well-known tune is the obvious foundation to the entire commercial and the message we’re trying to convey,” stated Brownstein. “So hearing it’s free to use was a big overall win for the team.” Brownstein’s team hopes the commercial spot will take advantage of a growing sentiment among many Americans beginning to associate classical themes of the United States presidency with topics like incontinence. “We certainly didn’t create the connection, we’re just trying to profit from it.”