Republicans Vow To Continue To Hold China Accountable Via The Women’s Tennis Association

Washington, D.C. – During an afternoon press conference, Republican lawmakers boldly vowed to continue turning the screws on the Chinese communist regime’s actions through the efforts of the Women’s Tennis Association.  “Now in 2022, we remain appalled at China’s aggressive attitudes towards its international neighbors and stand fully behind the tennis organization’s determination to hold them accountable.” they declared in prepared remarks.  When questioned if congressional sanctions for continual Chinese environmental violations would also be considered, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared: “Now is the time for courageous action and we think the ladies in the tennis thing has this fully covered and we support them 100%.”  Other global organizations have taken note, as NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced: “As fellow members of a professional sports league, we’re proud of the tenacious way they have tried to hold China responsible for human rights violations.  We know if a small tennis association can’t stop the Chinese government from committing these atrocious abuses, no one can.”  The WTA’s brave crusade has thankfully inspired similar groups to action.  Last week, a bi-partisan group of Senators funneled a resolution demanding answers about the Covid-19 lab leak through the outraged Professional Bowlers Association.