World Encourages President Biden To Adopt Baby, Take Parental Leave

New York, NY – International encouragement is pouring into the White House for President Biden to follow the lead of his gay Transportation Secretary in adopting a baby and then promptly taking months off for parental leave.  People worldwide are overjoyed at the prospects of the Biden’s bringing a little one into their lives and especially the President’s time away from work to focus on his young family.  Many observers are even suggesting a pre-adoption sabbatical to properly child-proof the White House, as one can never be too careful with a baby.  While adoption processes typically require years to complete, women from across the globe are offering their newborns to the Biden’s under the belief giving them up would be a better outcome than being droned when the President attempts to prop up sagging poll numbers.  The White House reports their mailrooms have been overwhelmed with gifts of baby clothes, cribs and other essentials to further encourage the President to go on leave.  At this time, administration spokespeople are asking the world to stop sending infant supplies, especially diapers as apparently the White House already had plenty of those on hand.