Dr. Jill Biden Endorses Apple AirTags For Busy Families Always Losing Things

Washington, D.C. – This Christmas, First Lady and world-renowned doctor Jill Biden is taking the unusual step of endorsing a product she strongly believes in. “If you have a busy family like mine who’s always forgetting where they left important, life-altering things; trust me: get yourself some AirTags from my friends at Apple!” exclaimed the jubilant First Lady. The Apple AirTag allows users to “tag” items and track their physical location over various Apple devices. “Don’t spend another second looking for your keys while you’re rushing to get out the front door,” laughed Dr. Biden. “It could be anything: your purse, the television remote or a laptop containing information of your father’s illegal foreign business connections that you can’t remember where you placed because you’re a whoring, coked-out disappointment!”

Few would argue to be more busy than America’s First Family, which is what makes her excited endorsement such a big deal for Apple’s efforts to promote the AirTag ecosystem. “I can’t count how many of life’s little problems would have been solved if we had AirTags growing up. If you’re like me, you can never find that great book you’re reading when you finally have some “me time”. Or perhaps you have a journal detailing your infidelities and suspicions you were a victim of incest. That’s not a book to just leave lying around, that’s a book you need to know it’s location AT ALL TIMES! Or better yet, don’t even write it!”

The overall commercial is short and upbeat, revealing the fun, light side of living in the Biden household. “I know it sounds crazy, but now I just tag everything! My husband went to Italy recently in a new suit I bought him, came back with a different one, no idea where the new one ended up. Trust me: Tag your holidays with Apple AirTags!”