Democrats Propose Using New YouTube Downvoting System For Upcoming 2022 Elections

Harrisburg, PA – Facing a widely predicted electoral bloodbath, Democratic lawmakers are proposing a new law overhauling the 2022 election process to use the same voting system YouTube has successfully deployed for up and down voting videos.  The ingenious system created by low-paid Indian vendors at the direction of lazy Millennial hipsters, allows users to upvote and then see the like totals for each candidate, while negative (downvote) vote totals are hidden behind YouTube’s “fairness curtain”.  At the end of election night, YouTube would reveal which candidate has the best like-to-dislike ratio and hence winner of the election.  While conspiracy theorists refusing to trust the computer science have suggested YouTube could easily fake the dislike totals, a thorough three month investigation by YouTube conclusively proved they wouldn’t do that.  If the proposal becomes law, Democrats working with YouTube envision exciting future possibilities where candidates who say things YouTube censors disagree with would receive electoral “strikes”, costing them potentially millions of like votes. Beta testing on the system already began last November on local school elections in Pennsylvania, however results of a winner are unknown as YouTube is still waiting for upvote tallies from Philadelphia.