Celebrities Demand Unvaccinated Surrender Hospital Beds For Ill Death Row Inmates

Los Angeles, CA – Celebrities are demanding hospitals cease treating the unvaccinated to free up hospital beds for ill death row inmates. “The unvaxxed made their ignorant choice, but my friend Johnny Ray Michaels didn’t really have that same choice when he stabbed a 7-11 clerk 43 times, sorta.” pleaded actress Kim Kardashian. The celebrities’ efforts to free convicted murderers hit a snag as the virus spread in prison’s and hospitals were often overcrowded with people who hadn’t viciously murdered other people. “I don’t want to hear the anti-vax excuses for not getting the shots.” said Los Angeles Lakers back-up guard Russell Westbrook, “Whatever they are, I promise you they’re not as sincere or complex as the reasons Arthur James Miller personally gave me for lighting that pregnant woman on fire.” The protesting elites were quick to point out the overwhelming hypocrisy their assistants had pointed out to them: “It’s just like a supposed pro-lifer to think a citizen can’t be forced into medical procedures, but when it’s time for an admitted child killer to get a lethal injection, their silence is deafening or whatever.”