To Keep Up With Rate The Science Changes, School Textbooks Now Published By Etch A Sketch

St.Paul, MN – Given the dazzling speed in which “The Science” is apparently changing, schools across America have begun publishing science textbooks on Etch A Sketch. Per the CDC’s iron law approach to the infallibility of their directions that change almost weekly, budget-constrained school districts consider the ease at which an individual student can use the Etch A Sketch “skake technology” to erase the science text and start over to be an efficiency win. “We’ve shaken our text books already several times this month. It makes studying for tests kinda hard, since you don’t know what the science will be tomorrow.” stated local high school senior Greg Kinton. “Our teacher warned us not to get too attached to this current version, since another poll came out saying Biden sucks or something; so I guess I know what I’ll be doing first thing Monday morning after the science changes again.”