Frantic Search For Missing Barkley After Dr. Fauci Visits Sesame Street

Manhattan, NY – Residents of the fabled Sesame Street have continued their frantic search for Barkley the Dog, who’s sudden disappearance coincided with NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s visit to the iconic neighborhood.  Retracing Barkley’s steps has revealed Dr. Fauci’s unusual interest in the oversized dog, asking him multiple times how much he weighed and if he “liked science”.

According to residents, Barkley’s last sighting was during Dr. Fauci lessons about the importance of wearing masks at all times (even though he himself wasn’t wearing one).  According to local resident Bert: “He introduced the dangers of something called “Covid Vision” and then asked us to put masks over our eyes.  After waiting minutes to hear his next lesson, we removed the masks to discover he was gone.  That’s when we noticed Barkley was nowhere to be found either.”

While Big Bird and others cover the Street with posters featuring Barkley’s photo, a police investigation has additionally uncovered Fauci’s extended conversations with Count von Count.  “Yes…the doctor was absolutely fascinated that I could turn into a bat, ah ah ah.” stated a visibly shaken Count. “He immediately began texting a friend very excitedly. He is one – 1 – creepy dude…ah ah ah.”