“Donde esta tu mask Nazi?”: DuoLingo Updates Lessons For Countries In Covid Panic

Pittsburgh PA – The language learning app DuoLingo has issued an update for conversational languages, better reflecting real-life situations speakers will find in countries perpetually mired in Covid panic.  “What’s the point in teaching students about ordering food in a restaurant, when they’ve all been forced to close?”, says DuoLingo spokesperson Rhett Charles. “Instead, for our German speakers we’re focusing on more useful phrases like ‘Hide, it’s the health police!’.”  International students planning a trip to Australia are incrementally taught to build phrases like “My father”, then “My father was a doctor.” and finally: “My father was sent to the unvaccinated camp.”  The DuoLingo method of learning has proven effective worldwide with a multitude of languages; so even in obscure tongues like Cherokee or Klingon, students can still correctly say: “Did Pfizer say you could say that?”  DuoLingo has also updated the reasons users can provide the app for disagreeing with an incorrect answer with the only response necessary: “That’s What The CDC Said”.