ESPN Planning To Replace Eli Manning With Unknown Sister Mina Manning On MNF Show

Bristol, CN – ESPN reportedly plans major changes to its surprise hit Monday Night Football stream featuring the Manning brothers discussing football; replacing the younger Eli Manning with previously unknown sister Mina Manning.  While the country loves the banter and obvious brotherly love between the two former quarterbacks, ESPN executives were troubled the entire Manning family appeared to be white men.  Fortunately, ESPN located the Manning’s long lost sister Mina and enticed her to join the popular show to demonstrate her superior football knowledge.  Insiders report the new banter between these two Manning siblings is even better than before and Peyton especially enjoys when his new sister explains football theory to him.  If this change of cast works or even if it horribly doesn’t, ESPN executives are already brainstorming ways to replace Peyton with his other brother: Stephen A. Manning.