Game Show Contestant Sean McVay Burns Through All Three Lifelines Before First Question Asked

Burbank, CA – Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay’s appearance on the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire began poorly, burning through all three of his lifelines before host Jimmy Kimmel could even ask the first question. “The accountability lies with me,” McVay said afterwards. “It was not a great decision by me. It was kind of one of those, you’re hopeful, you see the side shot of it.” The live audience became confused when asked to assist the NFL head coach with the ‘Ask The Audience’ lifeline, by voting on the correct answer, even though no question or answer was yet revealed. “He was so infectiously optimistic, we all kind of just assumed he knew what he was doing.” mentioned audience member Linda Bowles. McVay later explained his aggressive approach with the audience: “Ultimately those decisions are my responsibility. I’ve gotten great information all year. Those guys do a great job. In those instances yesterday, didn’t work out, but there’s nobody that’s responsible other than myself.”