Aikman Clarifies MNF Remarks: “I Meant To Say ‘Take The Green Pantsuits Off'”

Kansas City, MO – NFL analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman clarified a controversial comment he made during Monday night’s telecast, stating in an apologetic tweet: “I insensitively suggested we ‘take the dresses off’, what I actually meant to say , ‘we take the green pantsuits off.'” The commentary that sparked intense outrage on Twitter by thousands of “NFL fans” that have never yet watched an NFL game, was in response to the increasing overprotection provided to quarterbacks. “I want to apologize to those who were offended by my original comment,” continued Aikman, “I know that during a NFL telecast of a NFL game, a NFL analyst shouldn’t state what every NFL fan is simultaneously thinking.” Aikman’s attempt to refocus on green pantsuits instead of dresses has seemingly done little to calm the woke anger in the Twitter universe. “Disgusting NFL – you’ve just lost a fan for life!”, declared Rachel Nightwolf, who has never been, nor had ever planned to be an NFL fan. “I just want to move on to the next game, having learned an important life lesson,” concluded the former Dallas quarterback. “Also, guys…don’t show up to a game in a green pantsuit, c’mon.”