Jimmy Carter: “Yikes”

Plains, GA – Former President Jimmy Carter, famously remembered as one of the most disappointing leaders in U.S. history, provided his assessment the Biden administration’s first year with a succinct: “Yikes.”  Carter, the politician who introduced Americans to the term ‘stagflation’, was also reported to declare “holy #$%@#” after witnessing Biden’s ability to simultaneously conjure poor job reports, increased energy prices, supply constraints and skyrocketing inflation.  Insiders reveal Carter, who was helpless while Americans were taken hostage by Iranian terrorists, emphatically stated “what a pussy” regarding Biden’s droning of an innocent Afghan family to draw attention away from his disastrous retreat in that region.  The former President apparently becomes violently agitated when people compare his administration with the current one: “There is a grand difference between country bumpkin naïveté and career politician malicious incompetence…well, not at the gas pump.”