One Company’s Crazy Idea To Make Edible Gingerbread Houses

Provo, UT – A new company started by two full-time moms is putting a new twist on an old, holiday tradition!  Founder Edie Stanwell explains how her novel idea came about: “I was helping my youngest put the finishing touches on our annual gingerbread house.  It looked so cute, you could just eat it up.  And that’s when I got the idea: “Why not make the gingerbread house out of actually edible things?””

When best friend Kasey Dingle heard the idea, she was blown away. “Sure, we’d been making these things forever, but I never thought about using components people would eventually digest.”  Gingerbread houses are traditionally manufactured using a construction-grade hard fiber called “gingerbread”, used commercially in situations as varied as outdoor carpeting for boats to protective heat tiles on the space shuttle.  The dense gingerbread plates are organized into a house-like shape, then caulked together with a quick-drying adhesive and finally adorned with colorful pieces of hard plastic.

“It was always bittersweet to throw these adorable little houses away after Christmas, but the noxious fumes from the glue seeping into the gingerbread core is obviously dangerous to children and pregnant women.”  Edie continued: “But what if the walls, the adhesive and even the decorations were not only nontoxic…but also tasted like a holiday treat?”

Thus started Edie’s Edibles and responses from the public have been incredible.  “Parents thank us for no longer constantly watching to make sure their kids don’t accidentally put the gingerbread in their mouths”, boasts Kasey.  “Holiday purists are weary of us taking a cherished tradition and making it not horrible, but they’re slowly coming around.”  And the creative duo isn’t stopping with edible gingerbread houses.  Edie’s next target?   “What if instead of putting random fruits and nuts in kids’ Christmas stockings…we didn’t?”