Despite NFL’s Best Efforts, NFL Games Still Entertaining

New York, NY – After an incredible slate of Week 18 games, featuring multiple teams battling into overtime to decide who goes to postseason play, NFL fans were reminded that professional football still remains incredibly entertaining despite the best efforts of the NFL.  Watching Justin Herbert and the Chargers convert on three straight fourth and longs almost made up for the atrocious, borderline corrupt officiating that permeates the entire league.  As the Steelers extended the career of their franchise quarterback in dramatic fashion, it helped the casual viewer forget about CTE scans and ridiculous rule changes that make almost every tackle a personal foul.  Seeing an underachieving Jaguars team rise up to drive the Colts from the playoffs made for a feel good story, completely unlike the incessant social justice whining and other woke garbage the NFL feels compelled to shove down the throats of its loyal fan base.  While the NFL efforts to ruin the game they represent have seemingly been delayed, insiders remain confident with standby options like continuing to infuse every aspect of the broadcast with execrable hip hop music or worse: Mina Kimes.  However, for this week, even the instant classic matchup between the Raiders and Chargers was so thrilling, it allowed diehard fans to temporarily believe in a world without Raider fans.