Ghost Of Christmas Present Demands Scrooge Close All Schools If Tiny Tim Is To Live

London – Town curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge was reportedly confused when the visiting Ghost of Christmas Present demanded Scrooge influence the town’s school board to close all schools due to concerns about the Covid-19 variants. The unusual request came in response to Scrooge’s inquiries regarding the long-term health of “Tiny” Tim Cratchit, who has been struck with undiagnosed Rickets since birth. While Scrooge found himself uncharacteristically empathetic towards the health of the young boy, he was still perplexed how closing the local schools for all children would improve the youngest Cratchit’s chronic illness. The specter representing Christmas Present laughed heartily, mocked Scrooge and then launched into a raucous song about “trusting the science”.