Area Man Temporarily Pauses Buying Himself Things So Others Can Get Him Christmas Gifts

Kirkland, WA – In a selfless act befitting the season, Todd Eaton temporarily paused the continual purchases for himself to create a small window in which family and friends can gift him things for the holidays.  Eaton, who typically purchases for himself anywhere between 2-10 things a week, graciously committed to a brief hiatus to allow others the opportunity to purchase things for him he doesn’t already own. “I’m used to seeing something I vaguely want online, immediately ordering it and within two days I’m having my own personal Christmas every week of the year.  To suddenly be expected to wait a month for the stream of presents to start back up again, well let’s say I know how kids feel waiting for Christmas day.” acknowledges Eaton. “My wife definitely appreciates knowing that whatever gift she’s worked hard to track down for me, I didn’t already purchase a few days earlier.  It’s a sacrifice for sure, but making others happy is what this season is all about.”