Media Efforts Ignoring Waukesha Go Too Far, Entire Town Vanishes

43.03373, -88.24415, WI – National media members doing everything in their power to ignore the recent mass murders of Waukesha parade attendees by career-criminal Darrell Brooks have reportedly gone too far, as the entire city has now vanished from the face of the earth.  Collective efforts by the media to pretend the town doesn’t exist has apparently caused the small Wisconsin enclave to be removed from time and space. “It’s gone…it’s just a field now,” states Stephen Bowman who was attempting to visit his mother Dorothy, a former resident of the city that is now legend like the city of Atlantis. “I used to work at the Arby’s right here.” Stephen says, pointing to a barren spot of untouched ground.

Media members from network and cable news insist they never intended to make the entire population of seventy thousand disappear into a limbo-like dimension.  Their innocuous desire was to not be forced to discuss a wanton and vicious string of killings by a black man with a long criminal record, as it negated the deeply committed narrative upon which most national media is based upon.

Critics had hoped the media would learn to be more careful with its awesome power to remove stories from existence and send those associated to an outer darkness realm of never-ending torment, especially after the last time this happened.  It’s only been four years since the entire Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas and all occupants were erased from reality after the media ceased reporting on a gunman (whose name is no longer known) who killed an indefinite number of people for reasons now lost to the echoes of eternity.