Browns’ Myles Garrett Involved in Car Crash, Claims Shoulder of Road Used “Racial Slur”

Wadsworth, OH – Cleveland Browns’ Pro-Bowl defensive end Myles Garrett was involved in a single car crash in northeast Ohio, claiming the shoulder of the road he slammed his Porsche into had “used a racial slur”. Sports commentators were quick to justify Garrett’s actions of flipping his car multiple times into the embankment once news of the racial comments were revealed. ESPN commentator Jay Bilas soon tweeted support for Myles: “The reprehensible and morally contemptible racial slurs and threats aimed at Myles Garrett last Monday by that stretch of road were beyond unacceptable.” While Garrett miraculously escaped the accident with non-life threatening injuries, the damage caused by comments he claimed to have heard from the stationary soil will linger much longer. This is just the latest incident of black athletes encountering racist incidents, from Rachel Richardson at a BYU volleyball match to Baker Mayfield refusing to shake Richard Sherman’s hand. Even the racist grafitti spray-painted on NBA superstar’s LeBron James home has still gone completely unsolved or even mentioned since first reported. However, while all of these totally true instances of racial slurs involved other humans, this is the first time a prominent athlete has been forced to face this type of abuse from pavement. Gay Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has been warning the nation for months about the rising threat of racist roads and it looks like for Myles Garrett and the Cleveland Browns, that theory just became a reality.