Chris Wallace Grateful To Escape Fox News To Now Spend All Day Watching Fox News

Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace expressed relief he’s no longer associated with Fox News during a commercial break from watching Fox News, which his new employer CNN requires all anchors to do 24/7. Wallace, who joined the faltering news channel after 18 years with Fox, had become increasingly weary of being linked with the more bombastic personalities on his former network. “I honestly grew tired of entire news cycles centering around something Sean Hannity uttered.” admitted Wallace in a candid interview. Now as part of his deal to star on the newly formed CNN+ streaming service, Wallace will be expected to carefully monitor every one of Hannity’s utterances every evening.

“That wasn’t why I got into the news business: to perpetually talk about Trump or how anyone left of Goldwater is now a socialist. I’m proud to be here, talking about how Fox News talks about Trump and how anyone left of Goldwater is now a socialist.” Wallace stated. “Tucker Carlson is no longer my problem. Watching, recording, analyzing, playing the clips and then asking guests to comment about Tucker Carlson is now my problem.”

Wallace’s family name has been synonymous with national news since his father Mike Wallace began interviews in the 1950s. “My dad would be proud. He used to tell me: ‘If you wanna be the best news man, you gotta watch the best’ and that’s what I think we’re all about over here. I mean, at least from a ratings standpoint, we’re certainly watching the best.”