Media Warns Against Joe Rogan And His Dangerous Open Question Format

New York, NY – Prominent members of the national media are sounding the alarm on the dangers of podcaster Joe Rogan’s practice of asking honest, open questions and letting his guests respond fully.  Media experts are especially horrified at the huge number of viewers a non-professional journalist conducting interviews without the proper training continues to attract.  “I just watched his guest speak for five straight minutes?!!” panicked CNN’s Don Lemon. “Where are the constant interruptions to ensure we don’t get too deep into an important subject?  Where are the non-sequiturs to simply remind the audience the guest and even the topic itself are only there to make me look smart and witty?!” Fellow ‘journalist’ Chuck Todd agrees: “These conversations are so <explicit> long, they’re almost hypnotic in their substance and context.”  An anonymous, print media member concurred there is something sinister afoot: “I watched Rogan for hours and after all that time, I still ask myself: ‘Where is he going with this?  What’s his agenda?  What’s he trying to sell here?’  Frankly I don’t know, it’s almost like he’s not and that should worry every American.”