In Honor Of Mentor Zucker, CNN’s Brian Stelter Unbuttons Shirt To Half-Mast

Atlanta, GA – Following the resignation of CNN President Jeffrey Zucker, host Brian Stelter honored his former mentor by ceremoniously unbuttoning his shirt to half-mast. The last 24 hours have been tumultuous for the cable news network, but employees reported feeling a sense of normalcy at the sight of another stocky, bald man with his shirt unbuttoned roaming the network’s headquarters. For Stelter, solemnly unbuttoning his shirt felt like the most appropriate tribute to the former CNN leader: “Once my pasty chest skin was exposed to our handful of viewers, it felt like ‘Zuck’ was here with me in the studio. I got a little emotional.” Stelter had originally asked management if they could require all employees to unbutton their shirts to half-mast, but Human Resources rejected the request, reminding him ideas like that are why many of CNN’s former employees are now either unemployed or in jail.