Post-Mortem: Gaming Network Devs Regret Not Placing Save Point Before Frosk Rant

During a post-mortem to discuss what negatives led to the relaunched gaming network G4’s cancellation, developers reportedly regretted not placing save points immediately before Indiana “Frosk” Black’s rant against the channel’s fans.

“Looking back,” admitted lead developer Max Barnes, “not allowing our audience to reload the channel to that point before they realized we hated them was probably a design miss.” 

Instead, viewers were forced to go back to the very start to find a new source for poorly written gaming skits and opinions.

According to sources, devs spent considerable time debating if a save point should be placed before Twitch star Amouranth appeared in a bikini or delayed until she leaned over a table for minutes while wearing a low-cut dress. 

Because of development sprints spent refining save points around Amouranth’s half-naked body, there was little time to install an additional point before Frosk accused the audience of blatant sexism and how the network didn’t exist to be easy on the eyes for channel fans.

A later patch was only able to insert a save point right after the rant and before host Adam Sessler clapped like a trained seal, but sources report by then the game network’s progress was ruined.

“You don’t want to make it too easy on the viewer.” said Max Barnes “But we went too far and made the channel too difficult.  Let’s be honest, from the very beginning G4 was really hard to watch.”