Confirmed: Betty White Hated Your Specific Political Beliefs

Los Angeles, CA – Reporters from The Daily Bystander have completed multiple interviews with grieving members of the late Betty White’s family and can confirm that the beloved actress absolutely hated your specific political beliefs.  Bystander staff were hesitant to mention this, knowing how much mental energy you put into your efforts to make the world a better place, but felt you should know ‘America’s sweetheart’ wished you and your opinions were removed from the public square entirely.  Her family members insist you not only take their word for it, but encourage you to review any number of public interviews given by the jovial ‘Golden Girl’ where she clearly held your dumb thoughts in absolute contempt.  While still focused on mourning the recent loss of the universally loved star, they also wanted to publicly acknowledge that the real tragedy of her passing is she’ll no longer be around to quietly sabotage your poorly-conceived theories from behind the scenes.  However, her family vows her accumulated fortune will be donated to that one group diametrically opposed to everything you’ve stood for in your meaningless life.  Yes, that group.