Grandmother With ‘White Christmas’ And ‘Let It Snow’ Signs Really, Really Hoping It Doesn’t Snow

Putnam, CT – Grandmother Ellen Tate, who’s lovely New England home is finely decorated with traditional Christmas signage celebrating a “White Christmas” and “Let It Snow!”, is really, really hoping it doesn’t snow.  While in theory she loves the idea of ‘letting it snow’, she still needs to run to the store before the kids arrive and her Oldsmobile does terrible in winter weather.  Ellen will concede a very small window for an acceptable ‘White Christmas’, wherein early Christmas morning the neighborhood is blanketed with a thin, tranquil layer of white powder; as long as it’s gone by the time her grandkids are scheduled to visit for Christmas lunch.  Otherwise, she prefers isolating snow-covered Christmases to carols and Bing Crosby movies where it always looks so nice, cozy and drivable.