Struggling Parody Writer Unsure If Anyone Has Done A Pete Davidson Joke Yet

Santa Fe, NM – Desperate to submit a quality story, struggling parody writer Nick Sands is openly wondering if anyone has done a Pete Davidson joke yet.  Sands admits he meant to do one last year, but the holidays came and he got distracted.  Regardless, Sands is still hoping his rough comedic bit how no one can explain why the drugged-out insect-like comedian is continually seen with Hollywood’s hottest actresses hasn’t already been touched by other writers.  Coworkers have gently tried to steer him away from the topic, “It’s been a rough couple of months for Nick, no one has the heart to tell him literally everyone has already made a Pete Davidson joke.” admits friend Joel Hanson.  “Even his great idea about ‘a dying Make-A-Wish child’s last request is someone to explain Pete Davidson’ was already done on Twitter last year I think.”  After explaining the joke to his fellow writers for a third time, Sands somewhat earnestly asked the group if it was good enough for Stephen Colbert’s show, which caused the room to explode with laughter.  “Honestly, that question was the funniest thing Nick has said in months.”