Teenage Boy Too Shy To Ask Thing For Pronouns

Littleton, CO – In a story as old as time, shy 15-year old Devin Hartford (he/him) is trying to muster up the courage to ask classmate Katie McCourt (?/?) for its pronouns. Devin (he/him) has been infatuated with the pretty freshman thing ever since (he/him) and it shared a chemistry class together last semester. Devin (he/him) remains petrified that his awkward request for the pronouns Katie (?/?) identifies with will be met with derisive rejection and laughter from its friends of unknown genders. “I (me/my) will probably just screw it up and call it Katie (?/?), not realizing it now identifies as Carl (?/?) this week or something.” stated a dejected Devin (he/him). “I don’t know, ever since I (me/my) first saw it walk into our (we/us) class with it’s beautiful golden hair and that blue sun dress, I (me/my) can’t stop thinking about it. If Katie (?/?) turns out to be a (she/her), it’s gonna be the greatest day of my (me/mine) life.”