NFL Fans Stunned Buccaneers Have Ring Of Honor From Which To Expel Jon Gruden

Tampa, FL – NFL fans across the country were stunned to learn the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (a football team) have a “Ring of Honor”, from which they recently expelled disgraced, former coach Jon Gruden.  Even Buccaneer fans and members of their own staff were apparently unaware of the tribute.  “I know we do stuff during half time and sometimes old players come back.” confided a member of the Tampa Bay marketing team.  “But honestly I just thought it was like when graduated seniors come back to high school to ‘hang out’…I didn’t know there was a reason for it.”

The removal of Jon Gruden comes after the NFL leaked his personal emails containing insensitive language. The NFL, in a released statement expressed remorse over the fallout: “If we had known there was such a thing as the Buccaneers Ring of Honor and that Coach Gruden would be banned from it, we would have been more careful with the accidental distribution of his private emails.  I mean, who else is even in there? We’re guessing Tom Brady probably….but who else?  Oh, that one guy, quarterback who never won big……don’t tell us………….Bernie Testaverde?  He played there right?”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is saddened by the situation, but appreciates why the Bucs made this move.  “You can’t have someone with these type of personal views in your franchise’s historic displays.  I understand why the Bucs removed him from their Ring of Honor.  Why the Bucs have a Ring of Honor in the first place is still a bit hazy for me.” Goodell concluded, “Regardless, the good names of the other players in this ‘Ring’ shouldn’t be tarnished by association with Coach Gruden and as soon I as get back to a computer, I’m going to look up who those players are.”