New Trucks Wearing Khakis And Ray-Bans Join Canadian Protest, Urge Trucks To Seize Capital

Ottawa, CN – As the Canadian trucker “Freedom Convoy” began its third week protesting vaccine mandates; a new group of trucks wearing khakis, polo shirts and Ray-Bans have joined the protest demanding the truckers “sack Ottawa eh”. While the 50 mile long convoy has been overwhelmingly peaceful, these new ‘protester’ vehicles have been mixing in with other trucks and suggesting more violent action. “It’s weird, you can spot them a mile away,” says trucker Corey Spencer. “One of them still had their “US Government” license plate on it.” The new group of Canadian truck protesters have also been filling the CB radio airwaves with recorded messages in trucker jargon encouraging the vehicles to storm the capital building: “Hey good neighbors, let’s go to Ottawa and give those bears a 10-77, 10-4?” Participants in the convoy are weary of these new trucks, but view them as mostly harmless. “We all kinda know they’re plain-wrapper feds from America here to wreck the protest eh, but this is still Canada and we’re too polite to tell them and hurt their feelings.” admitted protester Owen Day. “Honestly, it looks like these trucks could use some friends.”