Americans Gearing Up For Only Time Of Year We Talk About Black People

Columbus, SC – Americans of all races are beginning to prepare for the only month a year the country discusses anything about black people, their culture, accomplishments or issues.  With February being Black History Month, Americans will focus their energy on remembering the African-based members of our communities that go unseen or unheard from the rest of the calendar year.  “I honestly forget they are even here most of the time,” admits local resident Tom Greene. “So it’s nice we have a month dedicated to talking about black issues like racism and the history of slavery because otherwise we’d never hear about that stuff.”  Black Lives Matters In February co-founder Opal Tometi agrees: “It’s tough going a whole year never once recognizing our contributions in sports, movies and politics; but I’m just glad we have this one month to get it out of our system.”  Even corporate America, which typically shies away from making political statements in support of black causes, leverages February to promote commercials containing the rare appearance of a black individual, regardless of the commercial’s context or targeted audience.  “It’s great to finally see America forced to hear about racism even if it’s limited to one single month,” states Tometi. “But I really feel bad about transgendered folks.  They only get a week in November and then we never hear anything about them for the rest of the year.”