Justice Roberts Again Asks Sotomayor To Turn Down Television While They Do Court Stuff

Washington D.C. – For the third time this week, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has been forced to pause a plantiff’s oral argument to ask Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor to turn down the volume on the TV she’s watching.  Justice Stephen Breyer could be seen shifting uncomfortably at the tension in the room ,as he notices Justice Roberts’ annoyance building to a confrontation.  Justice Samuel Alito is reportedly assuming a difference in cultures, but is still stunned she would think it okay to play her ‘shows’ this loud in a public setting.  Meanwhile, new Justice Amy Coney Barrett is trying to calm Roberts by suggesting the show might soon be over, Roberts is now shaking his head and muttering “I’m going to go say something” as the exaggerated screaming of a telenovella fills the anxious court room.