Local Man Already Proud Of Dramatic Weight Loss He Plans To Achieve This Year

San Diego, CA – Local man Doug Couch has already begun congratulating himself on the impressive amount of weight he plans to lose this new calendar year.  While to-date, Doug has only completed “The Plan”, a self-invented, extensive list of dietary restrictions that he has little hope of even moderately following; dopamine has already flooded his brain with rewards for a job not yet started.  Though not typically vain, Couch admits that since beginning the idea to create the idea, he catches glimpses of himself in the mirror, admiring how good he’s going to look once The Plan moves to later stages of success.  The adoption of a more healthy lifestyle is currently planned to go so well, Couch has begun practicing TED Talk-like speeches during his morning shower, espousing to others the tricks he theoretically would use to change his life and how his future, new passion is helping people become healthy like he plans to be.