Model UN Students Horrified To Discover They’re The Actual United Nations

New York, NY – Students from across the globe participating in the long-standing “Model United Nations” learning program were horrified to later discover they were the actual United Nations. Members states are panicking over the lackadaisical approach they’ve taken over the exercise, now realizing the real world impact some of those decisions probably had. “Dear Allah, I voted to make China the head of our human rights committee because I thought the Chinese delegate was super hot.” admitted Parshar Abdul from Jordan. Other members confess to voting blindly for whatever was proposed after lunch because they wanted to get back into the New York night life. “I just wanted to put this little after-school club on my resume, I didn’t know I was going to be responsible for starving millions of people around the world because I was out drinking last night.” conceded Ferdinand Schobel of Germany. “Dude, you can’t tell my parents about this genocide stuff.”