Approval Ratings Continue To Plummet For Andrew McCarthy And Jonathan Silverman

Southhampton, NY – Latest polling data reflect continued voter disapproval of the Presidential job being performed by both Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman. In a recent Gallup survey, 68% of Americans indicated they either disapprove or strongly disapprove to the poll question: “How satisfied are you with the performance of the people animating the corpse of Joe Biden?”. Those numbers continue a downward trend for the insurance employee duo, who began with high approval ratings on Inauguration Day after hilariously faking the oath of office by all three placing their hands on the Bible. Administration officials are reportedly panicking over the cratering poll numbers and now worrying if McCarthy and Silverman are up to the task of properly animating Biden’s husk in upcoming talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, dealing with skyrocketing domestic inflation or even hosting the weekly party at the White House.