UFC Whistleblower Reveals Humiliating Weigh-Ins, Threats To Remain Ideal Weight

Las Vegas, NV – Inspired by recent courageous revelations made by Playboy models living in the infamous Playboy mansion; UFC whistleblowers are stepping up to describe similarly humiliating experiences within the mixed-martial arts league. Islam Makhachev revealed to assembled media that he too was often forced to strip down and “weigh in”, body-shamed in front of crowds of strangers to ensure he met UFC’s “ideal” weight. “I think that was part of it — to humiliate these fighters,” Makhachev chimed. “If you didn’t get [your weight] down for next month, you were suspended until you got your weight down.” Makhachev claims to have documents from UFC President Dana White himself, threatening Islam that if he didn’t ‘make’ the weight Dana preferred, he wouldn’t be able to participate in upcoming matches that the young fighter depended on to feed his family. “Dana even once suggested that if I couldn’t match his dream form, perhaps I should gain a little more weight to fight at a higher level. How unhealthy is that suggestion, seriously?” Coming forward has been healing for Makhachev, but he hopes his revelations act a warning to those who might mistakenly think UFC’s main priority is body positivity. “Before I got here, I thought UFC cared about Islam the person, the thinker, the guitarist, the father, the guy that likes listening to the sound of an autumn rain. But now I know they only cared about my body, and it’s ability to absorb and deal large quantities of punishment.”