With Baseball Shut Down, Umpire Laz Diaz Regrets Not Watching More Games

With a baseball lockout ending America’s pastime for the foreseeable future, Major League umpire Laz Diaz now regrets not watching more games he was umpiring.  “It’s so easy to take things like that for granted,” admitted Diaz.  “You think you’ll always be able to watch a game tomorrow, but suddenly it’s gone, and you wish you had followed the games you were paid to officiate.”

Diaz would frequently tell himself he was fortunate to be a major league umpire, to spend his days at majestic ball parks across the country.  Because of this, he would always promise himself to pay attention next inning, next at bat; but with the parks now closed, Diaz is left with only what could have been.  “I wish I had put the phone down, instead of just letting the game play in the background while I Facebooked or texted my accountant.”

Associates in the sport tried to warn Diaz to savor the moment.  “Some of the calls he made, he obviously wasn’t watching the game.  His inconsistent strike zone reflected a man doing a live stream on TikTok.” suggests Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell.  “Laz, stop trying to get the popcorn vendor’s attention and watch the @#$@$ game.”

Friends assume Diaz would tire of watching baseball during his off time, since he already spends all day watching the sport for a living.  “They’re half right,” admits Diaz. “Now I can’t watch the game at home or at work, even if I wanted to.”

While currently only spring training and the season opener are threatened by the lockout, Diaz really feels he will miss the sport if it eventually impacts the postseason.  “I usually just start paying attention during the playoffs.  Granted, by then, I usually don’t know any of the players or teams or rules.”

Diaz asking a young fan to move so he can “catch” a Pokemon on his phone, during the 3rd inning of an Astros/Red Sox game.